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Complementary Processes

injeção plástica


We offer customized assembly line stations for each client, meeting the technical specifications and according to the needs of each project.


Our quality laboratory has high-tech equipment, which guarantee the quality and repeatability of the production process, allowing the guarantee of production and accurate deliveries to our customers.

injeção plástica
injeção plástica


We have a large warehouse for logistical support for our customers.


MASA's expertise in manufacturing molds and tools for mass production allows us to deliver a complete solution to our customers, from prototyping parts, manufacturing and maintenance of molds to the delivery of large-scale production batches.

injeção plástica
injeção plástica


The maintenance department allows agility and synergy with the production sector, quickly making adjustments to molds and tools and ensuring the planning of the production of parts.

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